Kalyanamam Kalyanam | Tamil Serial | Star Vijay TV | Review and Info

Star Vijay TV’s new serial Kalyanamam Kalyanam is welcome add for Tamil audiences across the world. The centre storyline of this serial is marriage and the theme itself is very colourful. The backdrop of festive genre is real treat. Much information about this serial Kalyanamam Kalyanam comes from the promotional video itself. The clean marriage drama and family serial it is. Real thriller and everyday surprises await us.

Kalyanamam Kalyanam | Tamil Serial | Star Vijay TV | Review and Info
Kalyanamam Kalyanam | Tamil Serial | Star Vijay TV | Review and Info

Vijay TV is surely investing a lot in star value and serials like Kalyanamam Kalyanam is no exception. The center theme of this serial is flowers, cars, relations, family, friends and mass reception that comes with marriage events. The youth of this age will really like this serial. The awesome sceneries and the lawn showed in initial episodes and promo where the lead actor sits and talks about his views on marriage is thrill to watch.

Kalyanamam Kalyanam is the serial that you won’t want to miss. Tamil and Telugu audiences will like this soap opera. All actors and actresses have done very good acting and music and background score is also too good. Vijay TV stars are always selected to be loyal to the channel and will raise the TRP for all episodes of this serial. So, what are your comments on the serial Kalyanamam Kalyanam that will telecast in prime time in Star Vijay, post your view in reply section.

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Fitbit Charge 2 | Wrist-Worn Gadget | Fitness Assist | Did you know?

Fitbit Charge 2 is a great companion for fitness freaks. It has real-time tracking of numerous day to day activities. It’s a comfortable wrist-worn gadget that has notification alerts, Bluetooth sync, step count, calories burnt count, heart rate monitor, sleep pattern and much more. Vast number of features just makes it more personalized to you about your own diet plans and to lead a healthy lifestyle. Goal based plans also can be set with Fitbit Charge 2 and its predecessor Fitbit Charge HR and the new Flex 2 gadget.

Did you know? Fitbit Charge 2 comes with OLED display and is touch capable. The battery life is pretty much more than five days with full usage. You can wear this wrist band gadget even during sleep to monitor your sleep time and pattern. Fit Bit Charge 2 also has smartphone notification features. WhatsApp, SMS and many other apps seamlessly sync with the Fitbit APP that you would associate with a Fitbit account. Music control and Social alerts could have been better.

Fitbit Charge 2 also has multi-sport tracking features. The super awesome feature if this wrist band is that it supports Guided Breathing Sessions. Either two to five minute inhale and exhale exercises are supported. Text and Call alerts from the synced smartphone works seamlessly. So, what do you say? Will you be unboxing this super band soon? Comment your views below and subscribe to our YouTube Channel – CodeParent for more fun and recent updates.

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Manjal Prasadam New Malayalam Serial Info Flowers TV | Ann Mathew, Kalamandalam Radhika

flowers_optFlowers TV Channel is going to sport a new Snake Mythology Serial named “Manjal Prasadam“. An untold secrets behind the snake worship Mangal Prasadam. The serial is going to have an great visual effect and good musical background. This serail is mostly portraited in amazing locations such as Nagapadathmana. Nagapadathmana is an famous old mansion in kerala. The Mangal Prasadam serial director is Pradeep Madhavan. The scouting locations of this serial as tough, yet shoot in intresting locations. As it falls behing the Snake worship it reveals the black secrets behind it. Pradeep Madhavan was well planned and portraited the serial in amazing manner.

Manjal Prasadam serial is going to aired on Flowers TV Malayalam. This serial is expected to release on November end. This searial is going to feature with a new heroine named Ann Mathew in a lead role and also supported by Mohiniyattam dancer Kalamandalam Radhika in a pivotal roles. Lets with the Manjal Prasadam team a great success and enjoy the Mythological drama based on Snake worship story “Manjal Prasadam”.

Manjal Prasadam Moments, how do you like it!