Moral Story: The Jigsaw Puzzle

There was a man who had the habit of reading the newspaper in the morning. He would do anything else only after reading the entire newspaper.

One morning while he was reading the news columns, his six year old daughter was insisting that he play with her. The Father was interrupted by the child’s actions. He saw a full page advertisement of a courier company with the world map on it.

Instantly the father tore the advertisement into pieces from the paper. He scattered the pieces of paper all-round the room and told the kid “Dear, this is your jigsaw puzzle. Complete this and I will play with you soon after you are done”

Within ten minutes the child came back to the father , “Dad look. I am done”.

The father was shocked at the speed at which the kid had completed that jigsaw puzzle. Immediately the child said, “Dad ,I do know why you are shocked. When you tore the newspaper advertisement, I noticed the picture of a man behind the advertisement page”

The child continued stating, “Dad, I do not know where exactly New Zealand is, where exactly Japan ,Canada are but I know one thing . I know where the nose should be, where the eyes should be, where the forehead should be. I got the man right and the map came out right.”

We cannot solve the jigsaw puzzles in our lives with the same thinking that went in to creating them .The moment you change your perception is the moment you rewrite your possibilities of becoming successful!

Be safe during corona times!

Famous Quotes by PR Sundar – India’s top options trader

PR Sundar is one of the India’s top options trader. Here is a collection of famous quotes by him collected over many of his YouTube interviews and his own YouTube channel for you to share his wisdom garnered over the years. The stock market guru PR Sundar’s top quotes on stocks and market are below.

“If you trade in Futures, there is no future. If you trade in Options, there are plenty of options”

“Technicals should be a part of your trading system, it should not be the heart of your trading system”


“People like you look at open interest, people like me create the open interest”

“Whether there is a rain or shine you are going to get your salary, where as stock market is a risky business” for people in job and have less capital.


“Option sellers are like money lenders”

“If you want to go crazy, trade in Dow Jones or Bank Nifty” – when markets were highly volatile.

“Smart people will not have more than one enemy at a time”

“In the long term, everybody are dead”

Just for fun, don’t confuse PR Sundar and Sundar Pichai, as both are from Tamil Nadu and are super rich.


SGX Nifty is like your girl friend, it keeps you awake at night. Nifty is like your wife, highly unpredictable”

“Bull – Bear – Bunny, Bunny is market trading sideways”

“Stock market is like strapless brazier worn by a girl, half the people wonder how it is holding up, remaining people are waiting for it to fall to grab the opportunity” – for people who give pessimistic view are the ones dreaming to buy stocks at very low levels.

Also share more of his quotes if you know any. Comment below, cheers!

Garbage Collector in Java

Java is capable of automatically releasing the unreferenced memory. This is achieved when a object is unused. To make a object unused make the reference variable pointing to that object as null pointer.
Lets see an Example below,

public void TestMethod()
String s = new String("Welcome to CodeParent");
s = null;

Other options in java you can use System.gc() and Runtime.gc() methods, if you call these methods explicitly, the JVM makes efforts towards recycling the unused objects, but there is no guarantee that when the objects are garbage collected.

Happy coding during coronavirus time and try for freelancing in your free time.

Points to Remember:

  • It’s a good idea to explicitly assign null into a variable (to guarantee garbage collection) when you have finished with it.
  • Only objects are garbage collected not the reference.
  • Users can also use finalize() method by overriding it and can perform the necessary objects to be clean up. Because java deletes objects using a garbage collector at inconsistent intervals.