Famous Quotes by PR Sundar – India’s top options trader

PR Sundar is one of the India’s top options trader. Here is a collection of famous quotes by him collected over many of his YouTube interviews and his own YouTube channel for you to share his wisdom garnered over the years. The stock market guru PR Sundar’s top quotes on stocks and market are below.

“If you trade in Futures, there is no future. If you trade in Options, there are plenty of options”

“Technicals should be a part of your trading system, it should not be the heart of your trading system”


“People like you look at open interest, people like me create the open interest”

“Whether there is a rain or shine you are going to get your salary, where as stock market is a risky business” for people in job and have less capital.


“Option sellers are like money lenders”

“If you want to go crazy, trade in Dow Jones or Bank Nifty” – when markets were highly volatile.

“Smart people will not have more than one enemy at a time”

“In the long term, everybody are dead”

Just for fun, don’t confuse PR Sundar and Sundar Pichai, as both are from Tamil Nadu and are super rich.


SGX Nifty is like your girl friend, it keeps you awake at night. Nifty is like your wife, highly unpredictable”

“Bull – Bear – Bunny, Bunny is market trading sideways”

“Stock market is like strapless brazier worn by a girl, half the people wonder how it is holding up, remaining people are waiting for it to fall to grab the opportunity” – for people who give pessimistic view are the ones dreaming to buy stocks at very low levels.

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  1. Wow, nice collection of the great stock teacher, PR Sundar. Here is another by him, “The charity we do will save our live when we are in danger, that is a strong belief”

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