How to play Pokemon GO using Apple Watch?

Pokemon GO is now available in Apple Watch, great isn’t it? Yes, now you can get notifications about the Pokemon nearby and also get to know new PokeStops and egg hatching can be done using your Apple Watch. You can download the Pokemon GO application from the Apple iTune store. It has been officially launched in iTune store in spite of lot of rumors about this is not going to happen due to low demand for the game recently.

This is just great news ahead of the festival season. You can hatch your Pokemon eggs right from your Apple Watch at your wrist. On using this APP you can use quick taps to discover nearby Pokemon and collect them. But remember to catch them you need to have iPhone. You’ll feel a tap on your wrist when Pokemon or PokeStops are near you. Then you will be awarded with a badge.

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Recently Pokemon GO is made available in India by Reliance JIO and Niantic combined. The game has been downloaded over 500 million times and still counting. So, what do you think about this awesome Android and iOS game Pokemon GO? Comment below and if you like subscribe to our YouTube Channel – CodeParent for more updates and latest news. Cheers!

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