LG G6 Specifications | Review | Price in India

As we all know all the LG ‘G’ series smartphones like G4, G5 were all focused on camera. As G5 was launched with 16 MP camera and with 4 GB RAM. So we can expect the same in LG G6 will we packed with some stunning camera quality and focus images. As LG is keen in launching phones at first quater of every year. So we expect LG G6 also to be released in first quater of 2017 february or march. After the LG G6 release in market, it will be one among the high spec mobiles in 2017.
Features, LG G6
Processor, Snapdragon 830
Memory, 5 GB
Display, UHD display same as 4k technology
Camera Front, 26 MP supports with 4k

Comparison LG G5 and LG G6,
Features,LG G5, LG G6
Processor,Snapdragon 820 ,Snapdragon 830
Memory,4 GB,5 GB
Display, IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen 16M colors,UHD display same as 4k technology
Camera Front, 16 MP,26 MP supports with 4k

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