Moral Story: The Jigsaw Puzzle

There was a man who had the habit of reading the newspaper in the morning. He would do anything else only after reading the entire newspaper.

One morning while he was reading the news columns, his six year old daughter was insisting that he play with her. The Father was interrupted by the child’s actions. He saw a full page advertisement of a courier company with the world map on it.

Instantly the father tore the advertisement into pieces from the paper. He scattered the pieces of paper all-round the room and told the kid “Dear, this is your jigsaw puzzle. Complete this and I will play with you soon after you are done”

Within ten minutes the child came back to the father , “Dad look. I am done”.

The father was shocked at the speed at which the kid had completed that jigsaw puzzle. Immediately the child said, “Dad ,I do know why you are shocked. When you tore the newspaper advertisement, I noticed the picture of a man behind the advertisement page”

The child continued stating, “Dad, I do not know where exactly New Zealand is, where exactly Japan ,Canada are but I know one thing . I know where the nose should be, where the eyes should be, where the forehead should be. I got the man right and the map came out right.”

We cannot solve the jigsaw puzzles in our lives with the same thinking that went in to creating them .The moment you change your perception is the moment you rewrite your possibilities of becoming successful!

Be safe during corona times!

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