Manjal Prasadam New Malayalam Serial Info Flowers TV | Ann Mathew, Kalamandalam Radhika

flowers_optFlowers TV Channel is going to sport a new Snake Mythology Serial named “Manjal Prasadam“. An untold secrets behind the snake worship Mangal Prasadam. The serial is going to have an great visual effect and good musical background. This serail is mostly portraited in amazing locations such as Nagapadathmana. Nagapadathmana is an famous old mansion in kerala. The Mangal Prasadam serial director is Pradeep Madhavan. The scouting locations of this serial as tough, yet shoot in intresting locations. As it falls behing the Snake worship it reveals the black secrets behind it. Pradeep Madhavan was well planned and portraited the serial in amazing manner.

Manjal Prasadam serial is going to aired on Flowers TV Malayalam. This serial is expected to release on November end. This searial is going to feature with a new heroine named Ann Mathew in a lead role and also supported by Mohiniyattam dancer Kalamandalam Radhika in a pivotal roles. Lets with the Manjal Prasadam team a great success and enjoy the Mythological drama based on Snake worship story “Manjal Prasadam”.

Manjal Prasadam Moments, how do you like it!

Katturumbu | Flowers TV | Children’s Show – Malayalam | Did you know?

Hey guys, Children’s show are great in TRP for Television channels and Flowers TV has hit the nail in the right spot. Yes, did you know? This children’s reality show called as Katturumbu is being hosted by the famous actresses Shwetha Menon and Pearle Maaney. This Kids show will be airing on weekends in the prime time evening slot in Flowers TV. Malayalam TV shows are winning hearts of many audiences by hosting such kid’s shows.

Did you know? The caption of this show Katturumbu in Flowers TV is Little Rascals. The naughty kids are the core of this show and kids show their talent and cuteness and much love to be spread. Malayalam audiences across the world are eager to see the kids perform every week.

Shweta Menon has predominantly acted in many Malayalam and Hindi movies. Occasionally Tamil movies too. She had also won Kerala State Film Award as well. And no wonder she is an avid TV anchor too, so what do you think about this kids show Katturumbu? Comment below for more updates and fun. Cheers!

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Grammar Worksheet | Grade 3 | Articles | Free Worksheet | Part 2


Fill in the blanks with a, an or the:

  1. ______ Sun is a hot ball of fire.
  2. Do you have ____ umbrella?
  3. Delhi ___ the capital of India.
  4. Abraham Lincoln was ___ honest man.
  5. I have ___ inn near my house.
  6. ___ Taj Mahal is in Agra.
  7. Have you read ____ Bible?
  8. Write the address on ____ envelope.
  9. I ate ___ ice cream yesterday.
  10. Reema met ____ beggar on the road.
  11. It was ___ sunny day.
  12. I saw ____ ant bite my sister.
  13. I bought ___ pair of shoes.
  14. I live in ___ big city.
  15. Please give me ___ apple.
  16. This is ____ easy question.
  17. I am going for ___ birthday party.
  18. ___ boy gave me this book.
  19. Raghu is ___ engineer.
  20. My cousin is _____ badminton player.