Pokemon Go | Health Benefits | Android and iOS Game | Did you know?

Pokemon Go is a famous Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS game. Did you know? This game has more than 500 million downloads and active users since the launch in a short time span. A recent study has revealed about the various health benefits that Pokemon Go has in its kitty. This is just a beginning of such augmented reality game which provides health benefits to the players.

Did you know? In the study it is found that the average steps taken by a person per day has significantly increased in America due to this game Pokemon Go. Yes, the increase is about 18% and it’s a startling find. The World Health Organization’s recommended physical activity target could be reached with the help of such games. Pokemon Go provides graphic cartoon demons to be captured as seen in the phone camera is various places such as roads or parks.

Not only this, this game also increased the cognitive abilities, increased physical and mental activity, boost the morale and works against depression etc. The social factors also play a great benefit to health. However, just beware of the traffic accidents and distractions that this game Pokemon Go would cause to general public. So, what do you think about this game and its health benefits? Comment below and subscribe to our YouTube Channel – CodeParent for amazing facts and fun. Cheers!

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