Reading Comprehension | Grade 5 | Free Worksheet – Part 2

Read the following passage and  answer the questions that follow:

Where does chocolate come from? Believe it or not, it grows on trees. Not as a sweet chocolate candy bar wrapped in a foil, but as a cocoa bean.

Cocoa beans grow on a cacao tree, found mostly in topical areas such as Central Africa. The fruits of these trees are called pods, which are long and hard. Inside the pods, a soft, white pulp surrounds about thirty seeds. These seeds are what we called cocoa beans. They are very hard and bitter.

The beans are taken out of the pods, still covered in the white pulp, and left in a bucket, often covered with banana leaves, and kept aside for a few days and sometimes several weeks. This process is called Fermenting. Then they are dried under the sun. Fermenting and drying the beans makes them less bitter. Soon after, they are shipped to a chocolate factory.

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At the factory, the beans are roasted in ovens to bring out their flavor. After removing the outer covering, the inner bean is crushed to form a paste known as ‘chocolate liquor’.

Answer the following: 

  • Where does chocolate come from? How does it look initially?
  • Where do cocoa beans grow? In which country are they found abundantly?
  • What are the fruits of these trees called? How do they taste?
  • What is ‘Fermenting”?
  • What is chocolate liquor?

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