TomTom Touch | Wrist Band | Fitness Tracker Gadget | Did you know?

TomTom Touch is a great fitness tracking wrist band that has it all. Its design is awesome and has features like all-day heart rate tracking, body composition analysis, body fat content finder, muscle age and lot more amazing features. Priced under 14K rupees Tom Tom Touch is rather aptly priced for the range of features it provides. After all nowadays technology makes like simpler by all means and this fitness band is not an exception.

Did you know? TomTom’s new fitness band is having an edge over the competition like Fitbit Charge 2 with its unique Body Composition Analysis feature. Yes, TomTom Touch can track your body mass composition as well. It tells exactly how much fat is there in your body. This is just great!

The design and build quality is pretty good. Made with a latex like soft material makes it feel comfortable even after wearing it over two weeks. Did you know? The Android and iOS app called as MySports just seamlessly syncs your smart phone with this device TomTom Touch via Bluetooth and it also has a web interface and dashboard for access in Desktop. So, will you buy this smart wrist band? Comment below, if you like, Subscribe to our YouTube Channel – CodeParent for more udpates and fun. Happy Watching!

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