Unboxing the Dual SIM Apple iPhone

The recent patent filed by Apple in India and China reveal the breakthrough of Dual SIM iPhone variants. The iPhone sales in countries like India and China are sky rocketing and what will happen once you get the chance to Unbox the Dual SIM Apple iPhone?  Exiting isn’t it? It will be of a great benefit to the users as potential growth of Dual SIM phones are huge in terms of market share in these countries.

Did you know? In the previous year small screen 4-inch variant of iPhone was exclusively launched in Developing countries like India and China called as iPhone SE and this was a huge it. The sales went up many fold for Apple Incorporation. This time Apple has hit the right spot with the Dual SIM variant of its flagship product iPhone. Also its worth to note about the recent Apple’s pitch to open direct stores in India to boost the sales.

In United States Apple still holds the largest market share for iPhone sales. With liquid crystal display and scratch-resistant glass, multi-touch sensing, twisted-nematic LCDs, fingerprint recognition with Touch ID and Liquid contact indicators Apple had left no stones unturned. This time it is Dual SIM, so what do you think about this variant of Apple? Comment below and if you like subscribe to our YouTube Channel – CodeParent for recent updates and fun.

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