Veettamma Show | Miya George | Flowers TV Malayalam | Did you know?

Miya George is all in for this super show, specially tailored for housewives. Flowers TV is providing a great platform for the house hold audience and not just the audiences, they are making the audience to feature in this show. Did you know? Miya George who was busy in Telugu as an actress has come all the way to join this great show Veettamma.

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This reality show for homemakers will air in the prime time slot in Flowers TV. Malayalam audiences across the world are welcoming this show with much applause. This is a niche show for the Malayali Women to show case their talent. Did you know? There is no age limit in this show. Any women can come forward and feature their talent in this great platform.

Veettamma Show | Miya George | Flowers TV Malayalam
Veettamma Show | Miya George | Flowers TV Malayalam

Flowers TV is known for making lot of interesting shows such as Comedy Star Night and Star Challenge. But this show is different. No star is featured, it’s a platform for the housewives. So, what do you think about this show? Comment your views below. If you like subscribe to our YouTube Channel – CodeParent for more updates on audition and further details. Cheers!

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